Hi there! I’m 1st Recon Lylith. You can just call me Lylith or Lyl. I am making this comic series about the companions of Fallout New Vegas and their lives before they met the Courier. I pull dialogue straight from the game and I try not to stray too far from the FNV cannon. I do have plans to feature other NPCs after I have completed the main companions in the base FNV game. Eventually if things go well I’d like to even branch out to other fallout titles. Send any requests to Deathclawcomics@gmail.com. I might pick the next companion or NPC based on who gets the most requests!

About Me:
If you want to know more about me, first off, why? Second, I am an artist from the USA. I have a real people full time job outside of this comic so my uploads won’t always be consistent.

Where did the name 1st Recon Lylith come from? Well before I played FNV I was super into WoW. My first character was a Belf Warlock named Lylith after the mother of demons and Adam’s first wife. Yeah, the bible doesn’t tell you but Adam was sloppy seconds and once divorced. Eve prolly could have done better if Adam wasn’t like the ONLY DUDE. Also “Lilith” was taken. And 1st Recon comes from Boone’s Battalion in Fallout New Vegas.

I love the Fallout Franchise and I hope anyone else who loves Fallout loves my comic too.